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White Sox quietly building a contender

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After another disappointing season, captain Brian Kelly needed to blow up his team. His franchise would be getting an entirely new face lift; players cut, and a new team name. Entering the league as his beloved Indians, they could never reach their ultimate goal of a championship.

In 2011, his Indians revamped and switched colors. The Brewers had all the makings of team capable of making a deep run through out the playoffs. He also added southpaw Nick Giordano. This would round out what was one of the best rotations in the league. Unfortunately, his team faltered in the playoffs and were victims of the one-and-done playoff system.

Staying true to his word to field a championship caliber team, Brian gutted the “weak” links of his team, and signed several future hall of famers. Former Tiger, and team ace, George Stegmann decided to team up with the newly formed White Sox. George gives the White Sox great flexibility if they need a spot starter. They also signed flame thrower Tadd O’Neil.

Fresh off his defeat in the championship finals, T.O. bounced ship. With T.O. in the Sox rotation, they look unbeatable. You could argue they have too much pitching. I suppose that is never a bad thing though, but what they Sox really need to so score more runs. Their offensive output was among the bottom in 2011, and if the are to win it all in 2013, they need Giordano to produce in the middle of the order.

Don’t sleep on the White Sox, they are quietly building a championship team and could very easily dethrone the Reds in 2013.

Chris Hess

Chris Hess

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  1. February 6, 2013
    We're gonna be a fun team to watch...We signed Ciarme11o as we11...top to bottom no weaknesses...
  2. February 11, 2013
    Nice article. Can't wait to play

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