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World Series Catch Makes ESPN

It’s no secret to any Hess Field Wiffleball fan that Jesse Horwedel is the total package. Hitting, pitching, running, and of course fielding are all strong suits of the three time champion triplet. Last night during game two of the world series, Hor

Yankees to Meet A’s in World Series

Last week the 2015 World Series match-up was locked in, and no matter which side wins we will have repeat champions. The almost unstoppable Yankees secured their spot in the series with a sweep over the short-handed Dodgers. As part of the 2014 Champion M

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East Division Races Heating Up

By Tim Goyette & Anthony Auspelmyer   Going into the final day of June, the A’s stood atop the East Division. Although neither the White Sox or Braves trailed by more than two games, the two teams would do battle over the second seed on thi

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2015 All Star Game

The 2015 All Star Game was missing many of the marque names, but that didn’t stop both teams from putting on an offensive clinic. The West All Stars were represented by Josh Longo, Jimmy Cole, Matt Butrym, Omar Husain and Vinny Struffolino. The East

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2015 Home Run Derby

All Star festivities started with the Home Run Derby at 12:30. The whole league has been eagerly awaiting the match up between Aussy and Jimmy Cole. Both sluggers are sitting on top of the HR race, as they chase down the all time HR record. And what of de

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A’s Blast Off; Ship Sinking for Pirates

The Pirates had as good an offseason as a team can have. All it took was the signing of HFWB Hall of Famer Tad O’Neil to right the ship for the Pirates. Quickly they found themselves atop the leaderboards of many experts across the country. A team t

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Hess Embarrassed as Yankees Dominate Braves

Chris Hess pitched an absolute gem on Opening Day against one of the top offenses in the A’s. On just four days rest against the Yankees, Hess knew the outcome would not be the same. “He said he knew he didn’t have it before we even star

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Rockies Roll Past White Sox Behind Jackson

Dakota Jackson is an 18 year old MAN. Coming into the season the Rockies knew that in order to get anywhere near the top in the West division, they would have to ride the wave that would be Jackson’s pitching. Week one, that wave crashed down on Bri

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