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A’s to Split; Popp Retires

Tad O’Neil, Chris Hess, Chris Horwedel, Matt Burtym…what do these names have in common? Easy. These are four of the greatest names in HFWB history when it comes to talking about pitching. Feel like someone is missing though? You are right. Tha

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World Series Catch Makes ESPN

It’s no secret to any Hess Field Wiffleball fan that Jesse Horwedel is the total package. Hitting, pitching, running, and of course fielding are all strong suits of the three time champion triplet. Last night during game two of the world series, Hor

Handing Out NWLA Awards

The 4th annual NWLA Tournament was one to remember. For starters it was the first time that HFWB made an appearance at the tournament, but there was much more than that. With everything that went on this year I felt it necessary to hand out some unnecessa

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HFWB to Participate in Regional Tournament

For the first time in league history, HFWB will be sending a team to the NWLA regional tournament. The NWLA (National Wiffleball League Association) is putting the tournament on for the 4th consecutive year to find the nation’s top team. Before maki

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2015 SLUGFEST Tournament

The 2015 SLUGFEST tournament was the best one so far, with 4 talented teams playing 4 great games with an average margin of victory of 2.5 runs.  All 4 teams that participated were capable of going 2-0 or 0-2 on the day, but like most competitions ther

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