Legend Killers


Franchise History/  The Lengend Killers are out for blood in 2016. 2015 West Division MVP and POTY Award Winner Matt Butrym leads the team that will feature life long friend and HFWB Veteran Paddy Bailey. Along with the two former Dodgers, the Killers roster will be lined with rookies. Alex DeMarco, Kyle Garrison, and Mike Gallagher will make their spring league debut. The Legend Killers will have plenty of chances to execute their mission statement as they will play in the East Division, stacked with HFWB Veterans like Chris Hess, Brian Kelly, Nick Giordano, AuSSy, Tim Goyette, & Corey Zeh. While they find themselves in the toughest division in the league, there is no doubt that they have a shot to get to the playoffs and go deep.

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