Public Enemies


Franchise History/ The Public Enemies consist of four of the leagues biggest names. Team Captain AuSSy is a household name. Since his debut in 2008, AuSSy, has since become the most outspoken player in the league. His bat has been known to do plenty of talking as well, helping him compile more homeruns than any other player since the 2008 expansion. Like AuSSy,  Brian & Alex Kelly made names for themselves in their rookie years. The brothers led the Indians for numerous year doing all sorts of damage before settling down with the White Sox, where they would post one of the greatest seasons in league history en route to a Championship. It is obvious that Chris Hess needs little introduction. For crying out loud he is the face that owns the place! Since 2005 Hess has been proving himself as one of the best players in the country. Don't believe it? He happens to be the only player in the world to be inducted to both the NWLA Hall of Fame, and the HFWB Hall of Fame. Finally, Vinny Struffolino joins a star studded roster that will likely elevate his own play. Stuffolino showed great promise during his rookie campaign in 20015, proving that he has a swing as smooth as butter. The Public Enemies decided on their franchise name after garnering an angry response from many people throughout the league about creating one dominant team rather than two or three competitive teams.

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