What In The World Will The Hitmen Wear?

What In The World Will The Hitmen Wear?

In 2015 the Hess Field Hitmen stormed onto the National scene. The group of All-Stars from HFWB drove 9 hours to Ohio and walked out with a third place finish.

Perhaps more impressive than their performance in their first national tournament may be their unique uniform choice. Designed by Double A Design, the Hitmen donned the now famous neon pink dri-fits with their newly improved “Flying Skull” logo. Immediately players from other leagues, and even umpires were in awe of the “pink and black attack” uniforms and some even requested to purchase a shirt of their own. This came as somewhat of a surprise to the Hitmen, but they were more than happy to oblige. Now, a year later…..everyone wants to know “What will the Hitmen wear this year?”. Good question.


The answer to that question has been under tight lock and key in the hands of Double A Design’s Anthony “AuSSy” Auspelmyer. This however has not stopped several players in other leagues from pre-ordering their own 2016 jersey. Is it possible that after one design, AuSSy, has built a reputation for creating must-have apparel? Not hardly. Fors several seasons AuSSy has been creating uniforms for the HFWB, and this season created every teams jersey under the new “unique names” rule. Team logos like the Public Enemies, Sultans of Swing, Wake & Rake, and many more have drawn interest from outside the league. Even the WWF (Wild Wiffleball Federation) decided to have Double A Design create their 2016 Nationals Jerseys, and you might just want one of those! Anyway we are beginning to get off-topic.

The fact of the matter is this year the Hitmen will give birth to a new uniform, and AuSSy has promised that it will change the standards for Wiffleball uniforms for many years to come. So what could AuSSy have up his sleeve? What could be going on in his head(band)? Will there be a new color scheme? New material? Matching hats to quench the thirst of MNWA frontman Trent Steffes? Until Saturday all we can do is speculate, but one this is for sure…… You gotta look good to play good, and the Hess Field Hitmen are going to look DAMN good.

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