World Series Catch Makes ESPN

World Series Catch Makes ESPN

It’s no secret to any Hess Field Wiffleball fan that Jesse Horwedel is the total package. Hitting, pitching, running, and of course fielding are all strong suits of the three time champion triplet. Last night during game two of the world series, Horwedel made a play that did much more than protect a three-run lead. The former MVP combined with teammate Zac Longo to complete a catch that is now being featured on and ESPN’s Facebook page.

The post on can be found here, and their post on facebook can be found below.

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The play came in a crucial spot for the Yankees, who were leading 3-0 at the time that this ball was hit with runners on first and third base. Just prior to the play Jesse Horwedel had attempted to turn a double play by intentionally dropping a line-drive. That play allowed the Athletics to put runners on first and third with two outs after Horwedel bobbled and was only able to get one out.

The Yankees ended the night with a 2-0 series lead in the best of five series with game three coming Sunday at 4PM (games four and five to follow if ness.).




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