Yankees Capture Commissioner’s Cup

Yankees Capture Commissioner’s Cup

It’s hard to imagine a wiffleball team more complete than the 2015 Yankees. Comprised of ONLY future hall fame player the team had zero weaknesses during the summer season.

Only a few times were the Yanks even challenged all season, and each time the team had a chance to finish the game they did exactly that. Led by sure-fire hall of fame player and manager Josh Longo the team managed to start the season by squeaking out a win against the Expos on opening day. That day the Expos showed promise, but the Yankees displayed what would be an important piece of their championship puzzle; veteran experience.

Throughout the season different players stepped up for the eventual champs. Masterful performances on the short mound from captain Josh Longo, and important hits from a lineup that could be considered the greatest group of concentrated talent ever propelled the Yankees to wiffleball immortality. Fittingly the team ended up on Sportscenter by the time the season was done, just another footnote in what was an incredible season. We could go over statistics for days about how Chris Horwedel stepped up on both the mound and the plate, or how his brother Jesse missed a few games and still managed to hoist the Yellow Whammer award. How about the always stellar play of Zac Longo, who is by far the most underrated player in league history.

Sure Zac has always been protected by the Horwedel twins in the lineup, but it goes without question that he is one of the most complete players in league history. At the plate he is a clutch hitter with numbers that go often overlooked, on the mound he fills in when needed and almost always gives his team exactly what they need. His play in the field needs no praise. Zac is more than likely the greatest fielder the league ever has and ever will see, and that notion was finally validated this season with his first “Allstate Good Hands” award win. Who could forget the return of Athletics legend Tom Tierney? Once thought of as a top tier ace, Tierney left the game to further his education at Law school. He dropped out of the league, graduated from Law school, and created heartbreak for teams when he registered late for the 2015 season, now anyone that wants to reign in the 2016 season has to watch the throne, and then attempt to knock the Yankees off. For most it will only be a beautiful, but dark and twisted fantasy.

Congrats to the Yankees for an amazing season, disposing of every team in their path on their way to the 2015 championship where they swept the Athletics. Think they are the greatest team in league history? Tweet us what you think!



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